• 88 Series sliding upvc profile
  • 88 Series sliding upvc profile
  • 88 Series sliding upvc profile
  • 88 Series sliding upvc profile

88 Series sliding upvc profile

BAYDEE brand 88 series upvc profile is main used for windows and doors. It includes frame, sash, mullion, glazing bead and other accessories, which can meet your sliding function windows and doors.
Size(W*H) : 80mm*50mm
Thickness : 2.2-2.5mm
Style : Casement
Certification : ISO, CE, SGS, ROHS and others

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Features of 88 series upvc profile

Name Name

88 series upvc profile

Size(W*H) Size







ISO, CE, SGS, ROHS and others


For upvc windows and doors


White, full colored, ASA co-extrusion, film laminated



Glass thickness


Glazing Type

Single or double glaze or triple glaze

UV resistance

High UV resistance and lead free


With or without

Gasket color

Black, gray or customized


PE bag package

Advantages of 88 series upvc profile for windows and doors

1--Water proof: BAYDEE GROUP pvc profiles products are water proof and do not expand, contract or warp when they come in touch with water.

2--Fire Retardant: BAYDEE GROUP upvc profile not burn itself: the product extinguishes immediately when the external flame source is removed. It has got an “A” class fire rating.

3--Excellent weather ability: Weather has no effect on PVC profiles building materials. Problems like rotting, rust, etc. just don’t apply. Even in special conditions. Coast areas(Salt,Storm,Sun),PVC is more applicable.

4--Anti UV:BAYDEE GROUP upvc profile has a good UV protection function, can give you a comfortable and healthy life.

5--Thermal Insulation: BAYDEE GROUP upvc windows profile is designed with chamber style, has a good heat insulation performance. Its heat transfer

coefficient is low, so I can keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer.

6--Durability: BAYDEE GROUP upvc door profile are very durable and last more than 40 years without color changes, damaged, etc.

7--Green environment Protection: BAYDEE GROUP windows upvc profile use green formula and raw material (no lead), it is harmless to your healthy and environment.



1.Q:What type of pvc profiles can you provide?

A: Our products specification has 60、65、70 casement series, 60、80、88、92、112 sliding split series. with full color, white, double color co-extrusion(ASA) and aluminum-plastic composite series products, low carbon environmental protection, complete specifications, diverse colors, superior quality, to meet the diverse needs of customers.

2.Q:Can we make a OEM order?

A: We can supply as customers' requirement for window and door pvc profiles.

3.Q:How can I get some samples?

A: We are honored to offer you pvc profiles samples free.

4.Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A : Quality is priority. BAYDEE/BEIDI people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.

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