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Good at using the magic of “light” to make every part of the room a landscape

2020-12-21 08:55:03

In the traditional decoration concept, light has always been the most overlooked place in the home. However, light plays a vital role in home furnishings. It can even be said that the appropriateness of light can directly determine the quality of a room.

In home design, light not only has the effect of lighting, but also has an important function of creating space effects. At the same time, light can also be used as decorations to produce unpredictable light and shadow effects through interlacing, embellish the entire home environment and add romance to the room. Sentiment.


Light can not only add value to the home, but more importantly, it is also closely related to the living experience. Different areas of the house require different light. Just like the living room with the widest view, bright light is needed to fill the entire space; while the study, which is mainly used for reading and work, needs more stable and soft light, so that it is not easy to make the eyes feel tired.


So, how should we create suitable light and make good use of the magic of "light"? In fact, in addition to creating light through a variety of lamps, we must pay more attention to using the natural sunlight outside the window.

low energy consumption to lift upvc sliding doors

Crown SES210 upvc lifting sliding door series is suitable for living room, balcony, sea view room and the door and window series with relatively large indoor transparent space. Different sizes can be designed according to the size of the indoor space. Ensure the airtightness of the entire door, which can meet the design standards of ultra-low energy consumption buildings.

On the basis of having super performance, it can also achieve the best visual field effect, make the lighting effect more excellent, and easily meet the bright light required by the living room.


The outer facade of the Crown GEE180 sunshine room series is made of powder fluorocarbon spraying technology, and the interior is a special film for German super light-resistant upvc doors and windows. It can realize the organic combination of assembly process structure and welding process structure. The structure is safe, and the shape is novel. Excellent heat preservation, heat insulation, energy saving and waterproof performance.

Sunlight gathers from all directions, bathed in the sun room, surrounded by flowing light and shadow, and the field of vision is overflowing with bright greenery, just like being in an idyllic landscape. The large-area curtain wall can increase the amount of light. Help you keep the warm sun in all seasons.


Whether it is a door or a window, Crown can open more, bring a more extreme view, and make the sun fully enter the room.

The modern minimalist aesthetic appearance of the Crown ES70 luxury beauty upvc window has a more attractive visual effect. Through the window, the blue sky and white clouds are all within reach. The scenery outside the window is regarded as a mural on the wall. Warm and bright sunshine fills the room with poetry intertwined in every corner.


Make good use of the magic of "light", use bright light and mottled shadows to paint a famous painting in the room, adding a spoonful of art, a spoonful of romance and a bowl of happiness to life.