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Correctly install doors and windows to make it perform as it should

2022-07-08 10:44:55

The installation of doors and windows is a key part of ensuring the performance of doors and windows. After we have spent time and effort purchasing our favorite doors and windows, we should pay special attention to the implementation of the installation procedure.


Installation preparation

The preparation work is roughly divided into three steps, marking and positioning, watering installation, and anti-corrosion treatment. According to the position size and elevation of doors and windows in the design drawings, measure the door and window lines from the center line to both sides.

Then install and fix the water in the correct position. Anti-corrosion treatment needs to be processed according to relevant regulations or protected with anti-corrosion paint and plastic film.


start installation

(1) The installation is scheduled, install the window frame on the positioning line, and adjust the window frame in time to ensure that it is in a horizontal position.

(2) Doors and windows can be fixed by pre-embedding iron parts, or by using metal expansion bolts or plastic expansion bolts.

(3) Gap treatment, for wall gaps, elastic insulation materials or glass felt strips can be used to fill the gaps in layers.

(4) Glass installation needs to be carried out after the surface decoration of the opening wall is completed, and then relevant installation methods are adopted according to different types of doors and windows.


Construction Notes

Take complete protective measures for the product. If it is damaged, it should be repaired with protective tape and film in time. And strictly abide by the relevant national standards and requirements during construction, install it correctly, and avoid the falling off of the sealing strip in the later stage.