• ES65MD low energy mute window
  • ES65MD low energy mute window
  • ES65MD low energy mute window
  • ES65MD low energy mute window

ES65MD low energy mute window

1. The multi-chamber design effectively improves the energy saving and mute effect.
2. Three-glass and two-hollow glass configuration can better block noise.
3. The three-way flexible sealing design adopts an integrated vulcanization and corner forming process, which effectively cuts off the convection of cold and hot air, and has significant thermal insulation and sound insulation effects.
4. Multi-lock point locking design, which is both sealed and safe.
5. Only by enjoying silence can you enjoy a healthy life.

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Performance and Features:


1、Sound insulation: The close combination of the multi-chamber structure of doors and Windows with glass and rubber strips of Kjaern system is effective in sound insulation of 35-48dB, which can effectively block the noise pollution of vehicles, square dances and aircraft.

2、Thermal insulation: Uf value ≤0.83-1.39w/(m'. K), low heat transfer coefficient, excellent thermal insulation performance, cooling and heating consumption rate is 1/3 to 2/3 of the general window, which can save 10-40% of the heating and cooling cost for you.

3、Air tightness: The door and window frame and fan of Kjaern system are combined with lap joint and embedded joint structure. The three-channel flexible seal design adopts an integrated curing Angle forming process, which can effectively prevent the invasion of wind and sand, haze and PM2.5. The air tightness is above level 8, which is more than 2 times that of ordinary Windows.

4、Watertightness: The doors and Windows of Kejainen system have independent drainage cavity and internal and external displacement drainage structure, flood slope and patent water-expanding sealant, and the combination of windowsill board and side frame forms a unique lower drainage structure, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of rainwater. The watertightness is above grade 6, and the water can be discharged smoothly.

5、Wind pressure resistance: design of high wall thickness and large section of main profile, comply with European standard wall thickness requirements, visible wall thickness ≥ 2.8-3.OMM. Using European standard hot dip galvanized reinforced section steel, fusion patent type reinforced welding block technology and external stainless steel reinforced connection structure, the wind pressure resistance can reach 7-9 level.

6、Safety: Original imported ROTO from Germany, G-U from Germany, MACO hardware from Austria and HOPPE from Germany. Equipped with children's safety lock and safety anti-picklock block, the security of the whole window reaches the European RC2 standard. Safety toughened, bulletproof, explosion-proof glass and protective fence integrated window. These applications guarantee the security of the entire window.

7、Fire resistance: Unique formulation of new polymer composites with no spontaneous combustion, no combustion-supporting and self-extinguishing, together with the application of fire-resistant materials, fire-resistant glass and special treatment, the fire-resistant integrity of the whole window can be achieved for 91 minutes and fire-resistant for 1 hour.

8、Weather resistance: The outer surface adopts THE PVDF door and window membrane of RENOLIT ultra-fast grade from Germany, and the weather resistance can be as long as 30 years. New polymer Compounds are unique formulation systems introduced from Europe, providing natural moisture resistance against air pollution and Marine air such as acid, alkali, etc. They can be used for up to 60 years in extreme weather.

9、Small opening and closing power: adopt European advanced window and window making technology, and the error of making window is strictly controlled within the scope of European standard. Original imported hardware, small opening force, easy and free. Opening and closing force less than 10N, easy to open, excellent comfort.

Regular color:



1.Q:What type of pvc profiles can you provide?

A: Our products specification has 60、65、70 casement series, 60、80、88、92、112 sliding split series. with full color, white, double color co-extrusion(ASA) and aluminum-plastic composite series products, low carbon environmental protection, complete specifications, diverse colors, superior quality, to meet the diverse needs of customers.

2.Q:Can we make a OEM order?

A: We can supply as customers' requirement for window and door pvc profiles.

3.Q:How can I get some samples?

A: We are honored to offer you pvc profiles samples free.

4.Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A : Quality is priority. BAYDEE/BEIDI people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.

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